I would wait until the new speedy comes out - then if you don't like the strap, get the classic. LV


The very first photo is a FAKE SPEEDY with handles that are TOO LONG and FEET!But I love the tote with the Birkin printed on it! louis vuitton outlet


e get the Economist at home, and a few weeks ago there was an article on luxury goods. Apparently, there was a 14% spike in spending in luxury goods this louis vuitton wallet

,he mono papillon 26 was my first bag... basically let the SA choose it for me since I didn't know any better at the time. It was my first luxury item and I was too scared to use it back then so it hid in my closet for years after only a few uses. I've learned to love it again last year when I joined TPF and started my addiction! Since then I have bought louis vuitton shop,

Neverfull! Great everyday bag---I have 2--damier and mono and couldn't part with either:)


i don't have any yet. but i soooooo want the rose pop one lv bags

,Atm dated IS trendy.Have you seen the marni bag?That was def of the moment. And all these cat eye sunnies? Even if you did have an old LV it would still be trendy. But again, ITA with kayti, if you wear it in your own way you can make it trendy.A friend of mine likes wearing quilted jackets (like the barbour and buberry ones) but she makes them trendy. :) louis vuitton purse,

30 would be perfect. lv bags


tulum gm. underrated but it is a beauty! louis vuitton outlet